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  • Each bowl is unique and individual with its beautiful spiral. You will be randomly chosen a bowl from the colour and size of your selection.

    Beautiful gifts and can be used for trinkets, store keys and can be used for dry foods. Just hand wash with soapy water to clean.

    Please see other colours and sizes that are available

    10 to 11cm - small $20

    12cm - medium $25

    13 to 14cm - large $30

    19cm - half cone $50




    Telephone wire bowl - Earthy large

    • Artisans in the heart of KwaZulu-Natal weave colorful baskets from leftover telephone wire. The effect is a glorious spiral of colors in various rainbow hues. Each basket is unique as the artisans weave whatever pattern they are inspired to weave.

      This project was established in a subsistence farming area where unemployment is close to 80%. Over 400 people have become skilled in various basketwork, beadwork, and sewing techniques as a direct result of this project.

      Crafters vary from a regular core group, to others who produce irregularly depending on their commitments (birth of a child, hut building, cropping).

      This project has also helped to build a creche for the community, as well as implementing a food scheme. Some of the older boys are using their incomes to help put themselves through school.

      Production Techniques

      Bundles of telephone or electricty cable wire are cut and prepared for the weavers to take home. The artisans take home as may bundles as they wish and use it to weave a bowl/basket from the outside inwards.
      Depending on the skill of a weaver, a small 12cm bowl can take from 3 to 5 hours to complete, whilst a large 40cm basket can take up tp 40 hours to complete. No two baskets will be identical as each artisan draws on their own creative knowledge base to produce unique designs and patterns for each product.

      Once completed, the finished baskets are then returned, and the artisans are paid per basket. They then select new bundles of wire in the quantities they decide upon to take home to transform into another beautiful product.

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