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It all started with just one African Basket

Many years ago I was gifted with a lovely natural  African Basket which was used continuously for every day use.  I decided to add another natural fibre Basket to my stash and that's when I found so many new styles, colours and shapes. I was in love and I knew I wanted to share them with my community.

Over time I have invested time in local markets, been involved in two shop fronts with other designers/Artisans, travelled to Music Festivals and creating this wonderful on-line store.
I find great satisfaction being able to support communities abroad and within Australia by promoting their amazing crafts & arts.
Contemporary Traditional style with a modern twist that is practical and collective.
 Please join me to see where my journey leads and to what I will find along the way.

I hope you enjoy your choices as much as I have enjoyed discovering them for you.


Where did I see that fantastic basket again?

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