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We are proud to offer you such a large range of high quality African Baskets from. Each basket is hand made predominantly by Women Weavers in groups or weaving at home between looking after her family, running the home, collecting water and working in the fields. Each basket is traditional to their country and region with different materials, colours and patterns being used. The traditional art form of weaving has been turned into a way in which to supplement their families and in many cases their only means of income while passing the art form down through the generations.

We hope for you to find the perfect vessel suitable for your purposes whether you are looking to stylise your home, heading to the beach or off to the market. The hardest part is picking which ones you love the best. Each basket has traveled a long way to reach you and taken many hours, days even months of labour to be produced. Admire your basket everyday and think of the amazing hands that crafted it. 

Where did I see that fantastic basket again?

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